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2 Types of Advertisements
1.) Product Advertisements
2.) Institutional Advertisements
3 Types of Product Advertisements
1.) Pioneering – tell people what a product is, what it can do, and where it can be found

2.) Competitive – persuade the target market to select the firms brand rather than that of a competitor. An increasing kind of competitive ad is a comparative ad.

3.) Reminder – used to reinforce previous knowledge of a
4 Types of Institutional Advertisements
1.) Advocacy – state the position of a company on an issue

2.) Pioneering institutional – used to tell what the company is, what it can do, where it is located

3.) Competitive institutional – promote the advantages of one product class over another, and are used in markets where different products classes compete for the same buyers

4.) Reminder institutional – simply brings the company’s name to the attention of the target market again
6 Steps in developing advertising program
1.) Identify the Target Audience

2.) Specifying advertising objectives

3.) Setting the advertising budget

4.) Designing the advertisement

5.) Selecting the right media

6.) Scheduling the Advertising
the number of different people or households exposed to an advertisement.
the percentage of households in a market that are tuned to a particular TV show or radio station.
the average number of times a person in the target audience is exposed to a message or an advertisement.
Gross Rating Points
a reference number used by advertisers that is obtained by multiplying reach (expressed as a percentage of the total market) by frequency.
Cost per Thousands
the cost of reaching 1,000 individuals or households with the advertising message in a given medium (M is the Roman numeral for 1,000).
Publicity Tools
consist of methods of obtaining non personal presentation of an organization, good, or service without direct cost.

-Examples include news releases, news conferences, and public service announcements.
10 Sales Promotion Tools
1.) Coupons
2.) Deals
3.) Premiums
4.) Contents
5.) Sweepstakes
6.) Samples
7.) Loyalty Programs
8.) Point-of-purchase displays
9.) Rebates
10.) Product Placement