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business marketing
marketing to firms, governments, or not for proit organization
organizational buyers
manufacturers,wholesalesr, retailers, and government agencies that buy goods and services for their own use or for resale
North American Industry Classifaction System (NAICS)
Provides common industry definitions for canada, mexico, and the US
derived demand
demand for industrial products and services driven by deman for consumer products and services
supply partnership
relationship between a buyer and supplier that adopt mutually beneficial objectives, policies and procedures.
Organizations buying behavior
process by which organizations determine the need for goods and then choose among alternative suppliers
buying center
group of people in an organization who participate in the buying process
buy classes
three types of organizational buying situations: new buy, stright buy, and modified rebuy
online trading communites that bring together buyers and suppliers organizations
traditonal auction
occurs when a seller puts an item up for sale and would be buyers bid in competition with eachother
reverse auction
occurs when a buyer communicates a need for something and would be suppliers bid in competition with eachother