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intangible activities that an organiz provides to consumers in exchange 4 $$$
4 I's of services, that distinguish it from goods
1- intangibility
2- inseperability
3- inconsistency
4- inventory
idle production capacity
occurs when the service provider is available but theres no demand
service continuum
a company's range of what they bring to the market from tangible 2 the intangible or good-dominant 2 service-dominant offerings
3 ways to classify services
1- theyre delivered by people or equipment
2- profit or nonprofit
3- theyre government sponsored
3 types of properties customers use to evaluate services
1- search-> tangibles determined b4 purchase(clothing, furniture)
2- experience-> discerned after purchase(restaurants, child care)
3- credence-> charac possibly impossible to evaluate even after consumption (medic diagnosis, legal services)
gap analysis
analysis that asks customers the difference b/t their expectations and experiences of a service
internal marketing
when a service organization focuses on its employees via coaching/training to enhance customer service
capacity management
integrating the service component of the marketing mix w/ efforts to influence customer demand
off-peak pricing
a firm will charge different prices during different times of the day, week or year to reflect variations in demand for the service