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The best legal defense of a validity process is its reliability measure. True or False
Qualitative forecasts
Are more flexible in their considerations than quantitative forecasts.
In the hiring process, generating a pool of qualified candidates for a job constitutes the _____ phase.
The process of making hire or no hire decisions describes the _____ step of the hiring process.
You are part of a team selecting employees at X. Y. Z. company. All applicants will take a cognitive test and take part in a structure interview. To make the process more efficient, you suggest that:
The team establishes a cut score for the cognitive test.
Under the best circumstances, selection decisions should include:
The HR department
Line personnel
Line personnel and HR department
The applicants’ future co-workers
Determining the characteristics necessary for good job performance is often difficult because of:
the fact that any job changes constantly.
Recent studies of MBA graduates have found that the early career success of these graduates seems to be a function of:
Motivation and Ability
The task of recruiting is to:
Attract a pool of qualified applicants.
Managers evaluate the effectiveness of recruiting sources based on:
How long new employees stay.
A company can recruit externally or internally when filling a position. Hiring an external candidate over an internal candidate has the advantage of:
Lower training costs.
Juan is reviewing the results of an employment test his company has been using. It seems that the scores do not relate well to applicants’ actual job performance once hired. This test seems subject to:
A validity error.
In response to a suit by an unsuccessful job applicant, your HRM department has compared previous applicants’ scores on the test to their rates of success in the job: a high correlation arises, demonstrating that the test:
Has empirical validity.
A manager has a number of selection tools at his/her disposal. A commonly used tool that generally has a POOR relation to actual job performance is:
Letters of recommendation.
Despite the criticisms of unstructured interview, your text suggests that they do have a significant advantage over structured interviews in:
Predicting the “fit” of a candidate to the organization.
You are considering three candidates for a manager’s job. Each candidate’s experience and education are quite similar. You want to know how each candidate will perform, given certain tasks or certain situations. Your best selection tool for predicting this is:
An assessment center.
The best way to recruit protected-class job applicants is to target those individuals with a recruiting message designed for them. True or False
The costs to replace a departing employee generally include: recruitment, selection, health care benefits until they find a new job, and unemployment compensation costs. True or False
Early retirement programs generally are offered by a business for only a short period of time and consist of financial incentives to encourage senior employees to retire earlier than they had planned. True or False
After a layoff, it is not uncommon to see _____ among the remaining workers.
Increased Absenteeism
When implementing a layoff, managers sometimes forget that:
They need to develop plans for the “survivors” of the layoff.
The use of seniority as a layoff criterion has some drawbacks, including:
The loss of top performers.
The use of seniority as a layoff criterion:
Tends to impact women and minorities more than other groups.
_____ is the legislation that requires employers to inform employees of impeding layoffs.
The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.
Midas water bottling company has recently lost a handful of employees through quits and retirement. The company has decided not to hire workers to replace these employees. Midas is reducing its workforce by:
Once a firm has decided to reduce its workforce through voluntary means, its next choice is:
To determine what alternative strategies to layoffs are available.
One of the more popular alternatives to layoffs for reducing the size of a company’s workforce is:
Early retirement programs.
While a popular way to reduce the workforce, early retirement programs are not without problems, including:
Too many people – often the wrong ones in a strategic sense – take advantage of it.
Which of the following people may be affected by a company’s decision to perform a layoff?
Surviving Employees
Company Stockholders
Members of the community where the company exists
Laid-Off Employees
The decision to terminate is management’s employment role. HR’s role is:
To make certain the employee receives due process.
A benefit of employee separation is:
It opens doors for promotion within the company.
Emily has recently resigned from her job as a retail manager at a chain store. She comes to you, concerned about an interview that the store manager wishes to have with her before he last day of work. You tell her:
That this is probably an exit interview and the store manager will want to understand the reasons why she is leaving.
Your company is planning a layoff. As you explain the process to the management team, you tell them that outplacement assistance will be part of the process. Outplacement assistance is when:
the company helps departing employees find jobs by training them in job-search skills.
What is a common loss associated with new hires?
Loss of productivity by inexperienced hires.
The costs of employee separations depends upon what?
Whether the employee will be replaced or not.
In order to reassure surviving employees of a recent layoff, they should be informed of the reasons for the layoff and how it occurred. True or False
The most commonly used lay-off criterion is job seniority. True or False
The most common use of performance appraisals is:
To make administrative decisions.
When it comes to the performance appraisal process:
Most HR professionals find the process unsuccessful.
Performance appraisal can be a positive experience for employees because:
In order for employees to improve, they require assessment.
Employees typically desire feedback.
Employees may receive positive recognition as part of an appraisal.
Appraisals can motivate workers to improve performance.
A pitfall of using relative judgments for performance appraisal is that:
They cannot clearly show how great or small the performance differences between the employees are.
A disadvantage of an absolute judgment performance appraisal system is that:
It is difficult to maintain equity across mangers.
An appraisal system that focuses on individuals, rather than any other factor is:
A trait-based system.
What is an example of a trait that may be discussed by a trait appraisal instrument:
Decisiveness and Trustworthiness
Todd is review a performance appraisal instrument with a scale of 1-10. Each number has a descriptive statement next to it, from 1—(rarely explains expectations or gives directions when assigning work) to 10—(makes expectations clear, asks questions when giving direction, listens to employee’s questions). This is an example of:
A behavior-based appraisal instrument.
A significant drawback of outcome-based performance appraisal system is:
They can lead to a “results at any cost” mentality.
If a performance appraisal is being performed with the ultimate goal of improving performance, a(n) _____ may be best. If it is being performed in order to measure performance and thereby identify top employees, a(n) _____ would be better.
Behavioral Format/Outcome Format
Which of the following does a manager need to minimize to ensure an accurate measure of worker performance?
Organizational Politics
Legal Issues
The Influence of Liking
Rater Errors and Bias
The advantage of outcome-based appraisal systems is that they eliminate subjectivity and potential for rater error. True or False
The courts tend to favor organizations in discrimination in performance appraisal cases due to the legal doctrine of employment-at-will. True or False
Your text argues that the performance appraisal process in most organizations is:
A political exercise.
A group of raters is shown brief video presentations that depict behavioral examples of performance a worker might exhibit. Upon watching these clips, the group members rate the performance and then discuss their findings. The raters are likely taking part in:
A video review.
It is important to train raters to eliminate rater errors. True or False
360 degree performance appraisal systems require careful planning and consume far more time than other appraisal systems, but putting the system on-line can reduce the time needed for the process. True or False
What is a benefit of incorporating salary discussion together with the appraisal interview?
Feedback and assessment may become simply a meaningless exercise if salary implications are ignored.
Managers will be more conscientious when assessing employees when money is at stake.
John is evaluating Jane’s performance. John has a poor opinion or Jane because she irritates him by asking questions and questioning his judgment in department meetings. When the HR director review Jane’s performance evaluation, he notes that John has consistently rated Jane low. The HR director agrees in areas of judgment and tact but know that Jane is considered one of the department’s most effective people in other areas. What the HR director notes in Jane’s evaluation is the rater bias called the halo effect. True or False
Yukio tends to appraise all workers in her department at the high end of the measuring scale. This may be due to a restriction of range error. True or False
The goal of development is:
To prepare for future work.
Training is distinct form development in that training:
Is narrow in scope.
Wilson, a line-manager at an office supply store, is receiving numerous complaints about the cash register operators’ inefficiency and poor customer service. He wants to institute a customer service training program for all retail workers as well as retraining on cash register operation for register workers. He doesn’t realize though, that the reason for the decrease in register worker performance is that, while all other workers in the company received a bonus last pay day, these workers didn’t. The training goals that Wilson has created:
Will not solve the problems.
Teamwork and diversity training are example of:
Training for which it is hard to evaluate the worth of the investment.
Training objectives should be stated in behavioral terms whenever possible. True or False
Teletraining consists of employees and managers commuting to off-site job-training areas. True or False
The training manager and production managers are discussing what type of training would best meet the skill deficiency they have identified among the production workers. This discussion shows that the training process is in the:
Development and conduct phase of the training cycle.
Training is effective only:
When it is focused on areas that are controllable by employees.
The best type of training objectives are those which are:
The best training to ensure maximum transfer of learning to the job is:
A kind of OJT that many college students are required to perform as part of their degree programs is:
An important disadvantage of OJT training is that:
Those who can perform the job may not be able to teach other how to do the task.
You are reviewing various ways to deliver EEO law training to about 400 managers. Managers need exposure to the material, and consistency of deliver is your key concern. Your best choice is the use of _____ for delivery.
Slides and Videotape
Web-based training is…
Becoming increasingly popular.
_____ prepares workers to be able to quickly change jobs, help where needed, and respond rapidly to change within their respective companies.
Cross-functional team training.
Creativity training:
Cannot be evaluated for effectiveness.
_____ training is one effort by businesses to address serious deficiency in basic skills among new employees.
The most important training opportunity for an employee is:
A company may discriminate in its training processes since these are internal matters that do not significantly impact an individual’s career. True or False