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Labor Supply
Availability of workes who posses the required skills that an employer might need
Labor Demand
Number of workers an organization needs
Human Resource Planning
Process an organization uses to ensure that it has the right amount and right kinds of people to deliver a particular level of output of services in the future
Two elements of HRP
Forecasting labor demand
Estimating Labor supply
Forecasting needs for HRP
Qualitative v. Quantitative
Three steps of the hiring process
1. Recruitment- process of generating a pool of qualified candidates for a particular job
2. Selection- process of making a hire or no hire decision regarding each applicant of the job
3. Socialization- process of orienting new employees to the organization or the unit in which they will be working
What are some challenges to the hiring process?
1. Determining the characteristc most important to performance
2. Measuring the charactersitics that determine performance.
3. Motativation Factor
4. Who should make the decision
How to determine the most important characteristics of job performance?
1. Job itself varies
2. Take into account organization;s culture
3. Different people in a n organization wan different charcteristics
Who are the two people who can make the hiring decision and what are pros and cons.
pros- legal compliance
cons-not critical in operations
3 groups: manager, coworkers, subordinates
What are some sources of recruiting?
current employees, referrals from current employees, former employees, etc. also customers
What is an example of non traditional recruiting?
Prisoners, welfare recipients, senior citizens
Pros and cons between external and internal candidates
external- Pro=fresh perspective Con=seen as rookies, need time to adjust

internal-pro=less costly con= less innovation
What is a yield ratio?
Relates recruiting input to recruiting output
What is reliability?
consistency of measurement, usually across time but also across judges
What is a deficiency error?
component of the domain being measuresed is not included in the measure
What is a contamination error
Measure includes unwanted influences
What is validity?
Extent to which the technique measures the intended KSA.
Differentiate content empirical validity
content-degree to which content of selection method is representative of job content
empirical- demonstrates relationship between selection method and job performance
Differentiate concurrent and predictive empirical validitiy
concurrent- extent to which scores on a selction measure are related to job performance levels (current)
predicitvie- the extent to which scores on a selection measure correlate with future job performance
What are some selection tools as predictors of job performance?
Letters of Recommendation, Application forms, ability tests (cognitive and physical), work sample tests, personality test
What are the big five factors of personality psychology
extraversion, agreeableness, conscietiousness (most related to job performance, dependableness), emotional stablity, openness to experience
What is the combining predictors strategy?
Combines more thatn one test
What is the multiple hurdle strategy?
because an applicant has to clear a hurdle before movin onto the next measure?????
What is the clinical strategy?
decision maker values all information as it comes to overall judgment
What is the statistical strategy?
Various pieces of information are combined statistically??
What are some legal issues in staffing?
Discrimination, affirmative action, negligent hiring