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External Genitalia - Scrotum
A sac of skin posterior to peins that holds testi in place - Pubic symphasis(anterior), ischial tuberosities(lateral), coccyx(posterior)
Scrotum - Septum
midline that divides scrotum
Spermatic Cord
Tube of fascia that contains testicular vessels and nerves, connect testis with inside of body
First duct in transportation of maturing sperm
Vas Deferens
reproductive organ, carry matured sperm
Tunica Vaginalis
Serous sac enclosing testis, extension of peritoneum
Dartos Muscle
smooth muscle that wrinkles scrotum skin to maintain body temperature
Cremaster Muscle
Skeleteal muscle that elevates testis to body to keep warm
Testicular Artery
extends through abdominal wall through inlingual calanto scrotum, serve testis, from aorta
Testicular Vein
Runs with testcular artery, right drains into inferior vena cava, left drains ito left renal vein
Pampiniform Plexus
Absorbs heat from arterial blood and keeps testis cool
Tunica Albuginea
Fibrous capsule of testis, dense connective tissue. Lies deep to visceral layer of tunica vaginalis. Extensions lie inwards to divide tesis into 250-300 lobules
Seminiferous Tubules
Coiled in lobules, actual sperm factories
Tubulue Rectus
Seminiferous tubules converge posteriorlyand form straight tubule that conveys sperm into Rete Testis
Rete Testis
a network of tiny branching tubes
Sertoli(sustentacular) cells
surround sperm during maturation
Blood Testis Barrier
tight junction between sertoli cell, preventsescape of sperm into blood stream which would activate immune sperm. Tight junctioms divide basal from adluminal compartment of seminifrous tubule. Conveys nutrients, pharocytize shed cytoplasm from maturing sperm. Secrete testicular fluid
Leydig (Interstital) Cells
Between seminiferous tubules, secrete testosterone
Myoid Cells
Surround tubules, contractible. Propel immature sperm that are not yset motile out of testis
Ducts Of Epididymus
reabsorbes testicular fluid, matures and stores sperm from epididymus
microvilli that provide a large surface area and move sperm along
Ductus van Deferens
stores and transports sperm during ejaculation. Ampulla.
Ejactulatory duct
runs with prostate gland and drains semen into prostatic urethra
Seminal Vesicles
Immune suppressors, sperm motility, prostiglandis(fuel sperm, stimulate uterine contraction), enzymes,smooth muscle in wall, produce 60% of sperm volume, fructose(nourishes sperm), yellow pigment
enhances sperm motility, enzymes, 1/3 of semen volume, prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
Tubuoalveolar Glands
main, mucosal, submucosal, enhance sperm motility
Fibromuscular Stroma
dense connective tissue and smooth muscle, holding all 3 types of tubulaveolar glands. Contracts during ejaculation to squeeze prostatic secretion into urethra
Bulbourethral glands
Produce mucous that neutralize acidic urine, lubricate urethra
Spiongy Urethra
in penis, contains urethral glands that secrete mucoud which lubricates urethra proior to ejaculation
Corpus Spongiosum
enlarged proximally to form bulb, runs between corpa cavernosa carrying urethra
Corpus Cavernosa
run along ishium rami, urthra between in
Legs of penis
empties urethra and assists in erects, encloses base
Origin: Ischial Tuberosities
Insertion: Corpus Spongiosum Midline
Maintains erection, runs from pelvis to base
Origin: Ischial Tuberosities
Insertion: Crura of penis
Pelvic Diaphragm - Levator Ani
whole group of muscles
Origin: Ischium and Pubis
Insertion: Midline
S3, S4, pundendal nerve
Small muscle, keeps things toned and in
Origin: Ischial Spine
Insertion: Sacrum coccyx
S3, S4
Pelvic Floor
keeps everything up and in
Deep Transverse Perineal Muscle
suppors pelvic organs, steadies central tendon
External Urethral Sphincter
Constricts urethra, inhibits urination, supports pelvic organs
Pulls testis out to scrotum
Inguinal Canal
Hole in abdominal wall where testis fall through
Inguinal Hernias
Hole gets opened up again becauseof pressure and perotineal lining bulges through