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Historical Background - International Scene
- decline of Assyria and
- Rise of Babylon
Historical Background - Domestic Scene
Josiah, Jehohaz, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah
Chapter 1
Jeremiah's call
Chapters 7-10
Objects of false confidence
Chapter 7
Jeremiah's sermon in the temple
Chapter 10
The futility of idols
Chapter 13
The ruined waistband
Chapter 18
The potter's house
Chapters 23/33
The Righteous Branch, the Lord our Righteousness
Chapter 24
The good figs and the bad figs
Chapter 25
Seventy years of Babylonian captivity
Chapter 29
Jeremiah's letter to the exiles
Chapters 30-33
The Book of Hope
Chapter 31
The New Covenant
Chapter 32
Jeremiah purchases a field
Key Themes
1. Jeremiah's calle and ministry
2. Sources of false confidence
3. unfaithful kings and their message
4. hpoelessness of Judah's situation
5. Judah's wicked heart
6. Uselessness of intercession
7. Necessity of repentance
8. The New Covenant