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What can magnets do?
Magnets push (repel) or pull (attract) metals.
What kinds of objects do magnets affect?
Magnets affect metals that contain iron or nickel.
How are magnets used?
Magnets are used in everyday life. (ex. refrigerator magnets chalkboard letters, toys, door latches
What are magnets made of?
Magnets contain iron and produce a magnetic field.
What are the two ends of the Earth called?
The North Pole and the South Pole. They have opposite magnetic fields.
Where can we find iron?
We can find it in our Earth. Natural occurring magnets are composed of minerals called magnetite or lodestone.
What are the ends of a magnet called?
Magnets have two ends called positive and negative poles.
How do magnets react to other magnets?
Opposite ends of two magnets attract each other and are drawn together. The same ends of two magnets repel each other.