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Ruler of Syracuse (317–310 B.C.) who conquered all of Sicily except for territory dominated by Carthage; he was eventually defeated by the Carthaginian army.
The Great King of Macedonia. Conquered Greece, Persia, and much of Asia
Alexander VI
Elected pope in 1492. Challenged by French invasion of Italy and a war between France and Spain. Father of Cesare Borgia.
Composite principality
a principality that is either newly created or annexed from another power. THese principalities can differ in their culture, language, and atttidtuedes in relation to the prince, since he is an unfamiliar ruler. These principalities pose a host of difficulties.
Founder fo the persian empire
Ecclesiastical principalities
A principality technically under the rulership of a prince,but nonetheless strongly dominated by the Church
Hereditary principality
a principality ruled by a prince whose family has controlled the principality for several generations. Hereditary pricnipalities, are generally easy to rule and maintain.
Juliu II
Reigned as pope. strengthened the power of the church through vigorous leadershilp and intelligent diplomacy. He defeated roman barnons and negotiated an alliance with France
a localized territory of region ruled by a prince from which the term is derived. a prince can rule more than one. all principalities can be grouped und erht general catagory of state. a principality is rueld autocraticlly.
ability to conquer and govern. opposite of fortune
a state nto ruled by a monarch or prince but headed by elected officials accountable to a larger citizenry. machiavelli distringuishes a republic from a principality.
founder and first kign of rome
hero of attica, king of athens