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SAW is a:
gas-operated, belt/magazine-fed, air-cooled, automatic, shoulder-fired weapon.
SAW Length of Barrel:
1.035 m 40.75in
SAW Weight (Un-Loaded):
7.72kg 17.00lbs
SAW Weight 200 rd box:
3.14kg 6.92lbs
SAW Weight (Loaded)
10.86kg 23.92lbs
SAW Maximum Effective Range:
SAW Point Target
600m (bipod), 800m (tripod)
SAW Area Target
800 m(bipod), 1000m (tripod)
SAW Maximum Effective Grazing Fire
Ball M855
Green tip = Is effective against personnel and light materials, not vehicles.
Tracer M856
Orange tip = When tracer rounds are fired, they are mixed with ball ammunition in a ratio of four ball rounds to one tracer round.
Dummy M199
Six grooves = used for
• Mechanical training.
• Dry-fire exercises.
• Function checks.
Blank M200
Violet tip