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What is the maximum range of the M249 (SAW)?
3,600 meters
What does S.A.W. stand for?
Squad Automatic Weapon
What is the weight of the M249 with a 200 round box of ammo?
22.08 pounds
What is the length of the M249?
40.87 inches
Describe the M249.
An air-cooled, belt or magazine fed, gas-operated, automatic weapon that fires from the open-bolt position
What FM covers the M249?
FM 3-22.14
What are the rates of fire for the M249?
• Sustained rate is 85 rounds per minute
• Rapid rate is 200 rounds per minute
• Cyclic rate is 750 rounds per minute
Sustained, Rapid, and Cyclic
What is the M249's maximum effective range for grazing fire obtainable over uniformly sloping terrain?
600 meters
What are the 8 major groups of the M249?
1. Trigger
2. Gas cylinder
3. Bipod
4. Hand guard
5. Barrel
6. Receiver
7. Operating rod
8. Butt stock shoulder assembly
Name 3 assault firing positions used with the M249
1. Shoulder
2. Hip
3. Underarm
What ranges are marked on the rear sight drum of the M249?
From 300 to 1000 meters in 100 meter increments
What are two unique features of the M249?
It has a regulator to change the rate of fire, and it is fed by M16 magazines as well as belt fed