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What is the weight of the M11 pistol with an empty magazine?
26.1 ounces
Describe the M11 pistol?
9mm, semi-automatic, magazine fed, recoil-operation, double-action weapon
Describe the magazine for the M11.
a standard staggered box magazine designed to hold 13 rounds
What are the two types of ammunition used by the M11?
1. ball
2. dummy
What field manual covers the M11?
FM 3-23.35
What are the proper clearing procedures for the M11?
1. place the decocking lever in the SAFE down position
2. hold the pistol in the raised pistol position
3. depress the magazine release button and remove the magazine from the pistol
4. pull the slide to the rear and remove any chambered round
5. push the slide stop up, locking the slide to the rear
6. look into the chamber to ensure that it is empty
What are the steps to the cycle of operation of the M11?
1. feeding
2. chambering
3. locking
4. firing
5. unlocking
6. extracting
7. ejecting
8. cocking
What are the 3 safety features found on the M11?
1. decocking
2. safety lever
3. firing Pin block
What is the maximum effective range of the M11?
50 meters
What is the maximum range of the M11?
1800 meters
What are the major components of the M11?
1. slide and barrel assembly
2. recoil spring and recoil spring guide
3. barrel and locking block assembly
4. receiver
5. magazine
How do you perform remedial action for the M11?
1. clear the pistol
2. inspect the pistol for the cause of the stoppage
3. correct the cause of the stoppage, load the pistol, and fire
4. if the pistol again fails to fire, disassemble it for closer inspection, cleaning, and lubrication
How do you perform immediate action for the M11?
1. ensure the decocking lever is in the FIRE position
2. squeeze the trigger again
3. if it does not fire, ensure magazine is fully seated, retract slide to rear, and release
4. squeeze the trigger
5. if does not fire, insert new mag and retract the slide, and release to chamber another cartridge
6. if does not fire, perform remedial action