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What are Luo connecting points?
All 12 channels have one
Diverges from the primary channel at this point
Treat disorders of their interiorly-exteriorly related channel or zangfu
Treat disorders in regions reached by the Luo-connecting channel
Treat psycho-emotional disorders
What is the Luo-connecting pt for the Lung channel?
Lu 7
What is the Luo-connecting point for the Stomach channel?
ST 40
What does Luo-connecting Lu7 treat?
Pain in neck and nape
Wind disorders affecting the head
(because of its interiorly-exteriorly related LI channel)
Thumb disorders (because it spreads through the thenar eminence)
Poor memory
Propensity to laughter
What are the actions of Luo-connecting LI 6?
Treats acute oedema when external wind disrupts the function of Lung in regulating water passages.
Ear disorders, tinnitus & deafness because it descends to the ears
NOT used for psycho-emotional disorders
What are the actions of luo-connecting ST 40?
Transforms phlegm which accumulates when the spleen's transP & transF function is impaired.
Swelling & pain of throat, painful obstruction w/sudden loss of voice, plumstone throat because it terminates at the throat.
Mania-depression - mad laughter, great happiness, desires to ascend to high places and sing, discard clothing and run around seeing ghosts!!!
What is the Luo-connecting point for the LI channel?
LI 7