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Meeting Point of the St chnl w/Yang Motility & Conception vessels
ST 1
Meeting Pt of the St chnl w/ Yang Motility vessel
St 3 (& 1)
Meetin pt of St & LI chnls w/Yang Motility & Conception vessels
ST 4

(ST 1 & 3 meet w/Yang Motility)
Sun Si-miao Ghost Point

Treats Mania disorder & epilepsy
St 6
Meeting Point of St & Gal Bladder chnls w/ Yang Linking vessel
St 8
Meeting Point of the St & Gall Bladder chnls
St 7
Meeting Pt of the Stomach & Gall Bladder chnls
Point of Window of Heaven
Point of the Sea of QI
St 9
Meeting point of the Stomach, LI, SI, Sanjiao & Gall Bladder chnls
St 12
Front Mu point of the LI
ST 25
XI-cleft point of the St channel
ST 34
He-Sea & Earth pt of the ST chnl
Gao Wu Command Point
Ma Dan-yang Heavenly Star pt
Point of the Sea of Water & Grain
St 36