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Describe the purpose of the Main L/O system
to provide adequate lube oil pressure to the main engines for lubricating the gears and bearings
What are the major components of the Main L/O system?
a. Lube Oil Service Pumps
b. L/O cooler
c. L/O strainer
d. L/O purifier
e. L/O storage and settling tanks
LOSPs. What does it stand for, how many are their on board TR, and what is its function
Lube Oil Service Pumps (LOSPs)- There are 3 LOSP's that provide lube oil pressure to the main engines.
Name the 3 LOSP's and their function
1.Attached lube oil pump(ALOP) that is attached to the main reduction gearing.
2. Standby lube oil pump(SLOP) - steam driven that supplies 30 PSI of lube oil to the main engines.
3. Emergency lube oil pump(ELOP)- electric driven that automatically comes on when lube oil pressure drops to 25 PSI.
L/O cooler's function
used to cool the lube oil to a temperature of 120- 130 degrees F. Salt water is the cooling medium.
L/O strainer function
Strainer is used to remove large particles from the lube oil to prevent damage to equipment
L/O purifier function
Purifies the oil that is in the settling tanks and the sumps of the main reduction gears and the sumps ot the SSTG's
L/O storage and settling tanks
How many are their and what do they do?
There are 28 Storage Tanks that hold clean oil. There are 18 Settling Tanks that holds used oil that can be purified and re-used.