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Primary Objective #1
Determine whether the stimulus contains an argument or if it is only a set of factual statments.
Primary Objective #2
If the stimulus contains an argument, identify the conclusion of the argument. If the stimulus contains a fact set, examine each fact.
Primary Objective #3
If the stimulus contains and argument, determine if the argument is strong or weak.
Primary Objective #4
Read closely and know precisely what the author said.
Primary Objective #5
Carefully read and identify the question stem, take a moment to mentally formulate your answer to the question stem.
Primary Objective #6
Prephase: after reading the question stem, mentally formulate your answer.
Primary Objective #7
Read all five answer choices
Primary Objective #8
Separte the answer choices into Contenders and Losers
Primary Objective #9
If all five answers appear to be losers, return to the stimulus