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Either-Or Fallacy
To persuade with 2 choices but almost always lead to the other.
--My way, or the other really bad choice.
Ex: "Give me liberty or give me death."
False Analogy Fallacy
Compares 2 things to another in a false manner; they do not match up to each other.
Non-Sequitur Fallacy
It does not follow.
If there are 2 statements and a conclusion is made--usually the conclusion is not logical.
EX: The most common name in china is lin.
Fred's last name is lin.
...Fred is chinese.
Ad-hominem Fallacy
Attack the man.
Irrelevant to the argument.
EX: You are short so you can't be in our group.
Appeal to authority Fallacy
The authority is NOT an expert in the matter being discussed.
(God is the ultimate authority)
EX: Robin Williams in a ST. Jude commercial.
Post Hoc Ergo Proptor Hoc Fallacy
"After this therefore because of this"

Confuses chronology with causality.
EX: I started to eat subway so I lost a lot of weight.