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What does kill -HUP do?
restarts a process
What is Konquerer?
a KDE file manager
What key combination will suspend a running process?
What command moves passwords from /etc/passwd to /etc/shadow?
How can a specific command be repeated?
!<command history number>
What does GUID stand for?
What is nmap?
a port scanner
What does kill -1 do?
restarts a process
What command will show the default settings for useradd?
useradd -D
What command will sort a text file in reverse alphabetical order?
sort -r
What program should be used to edit /etc/passwd?
Where is the configuration file for Apache located?
What are the default settings of /etc/ftphosts? What does this do?
default settings are blank- the FTP server can be accessed from any host
Where are most hardware problems first detected in the boot process?
by the BIOS
What command can be used to watch a log file as entries are being logged?
tail -f
What command will examine current system resource usage?
What command will format the MBR?
fdisk /mbr
What do SUID and GUID do?
allows users executing a file to do so as the file's owner or group
Where are log files stored?
What project was created to utilize terminal services?
Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)
Standard input is referenced by what number?
What command is used to see the current status of Samba?
/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb status
What does /etc/ftpusers contain?
a list of users not allowed to use FTP
Where are details of the last system boot stored?
What two methods can terminals use to obtain IP addresses?
bootp and DHCP
What is a file containing instructions used to compile a binary version of software from source code called?
a makefile
What does SUID stand for?
What file logs failed login attempts?
Who is listed by default in /etc/ftpusers?
no one
What does /etc/ftphosts do?
lists what hosts are allowed to access the FTP server
What is the purpose of the locate utility?
to find the location of specified programs
Where is the Linux Documentation Project located?
How do > and >> differ?
> overwrites the file if it exists; >> appends data to the file if it exists
What sort of utilities should be saved on a boot disk?
disk utilities, a text editor, and hardware and communication utilities