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What platform is Beehive optimized for?
What are the primary benefits of Beehive Linux?
it is small and fast
What is the primary disadvantage for Beehive Linux?
intended for experienced users
What is BlueCat Linux designed for?
embedded devices
Why is BlueCat so popular?
it is royalty-free
What is Caldera OpenLinux designed for?
corporate commercial use
What advantage does Caldera OpenLinux have?
excellent commercial support
What two major companies have associations with Debian?
Corel and Sun
Why do more experienced users prefer Debian?
it is noncommercial, and has limited support
What distribution is Corel Linux based on?
What was Corel Linux designed to run on?
desktop computers
Why is Corel good for novices?
it has a 4-step installer with little interaction
Why is Corel Linux not popular with more experienced users?
it does not allow for much customization and does not support much custom hardware
What was DragonLinux designed for?
to run on top of Windows
Is DragonLinux designed for beginning or advanced users?
beginning users
What advantage does DragonLinux have?
don't have to repartition hard drives
What disadvantage does DragonLinux have?
does not benefit from advanced Linux filesystems
What advantage does Elfstone Linux have?
a fast and intuitive interface
What advantage does Elfstone Linux have?
a fast and intuitive interface
Who is Elfstone Linux designed for?
engineers, netadmins, and programmers
What two systems is the Elfstone interface a hybrid of?
Motif and Athena
What disadvantage does Elfstone Linux have?
does not dual-boot or share partitions with other OS's
What two advantages does Gentoo Linux have?
lots of advanced features; lets users install only needed features (prevents bloat)
What two disadvantages does Gentoo Linux have?
slow to develop and not adopted by other distributions
What is the leading Linux distribution for embedded applications?
Hard Hat Linux
Who created KRUD?
Kevin Fenzi
What does KRUD stand for?
Kevin's RedHat Uber Distribution
How is KRUD available?
as a monthly subscription
Why was KRUD created?
to make it easy to keep up on errata and package updates
What is LinuxPPC designed for?
running on PowerPC (Mac) platforms
What disadvantage does LinuxPPC have?
other better-known distributions support PowerPC chips
What distribution is Mandrake based on?
Red Hat
What advantage does Mandrake have?
easy to configure hardware and software
What two disadvantages does Mandrake Linux have?
only runs on x86 platform and support is not as good as other commercial distributions