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Use this command and option to change a groups name
groupmod -n
To delete a group, you can either remove its line from the /etc/group file or use this command?
Group shadow passwords are stored in this file?
When you run this command, it creates a /etc/shadow file from your /etc/passwd file.
To use shadow passwords for groups, use this command?
If you want to change the environment for every user on your system, you can edit what file?
What command do you use to change ownership of a file?
How do you change only the group a file belongs to?
chown :<groupname> <filename> or chgrp
The first character of a permission block represents what?
file type
What does "-" mean when it's the first character of a permission block? What does "d" mean? What does "l" mean?
- is ordinary file, d is directory, l is link.
1)The 3 groups of 3 characters listed by a file represent what? 2)These groups are permissions for what?
1)Read, Write & Execute
2)Owner, Group & all others (or users)
List the 3 entities that chmod octal #'s represent?
owner, group & others
What are the values of each chmod octal #?
0=denies all permissions, 1=execute, 2=write, 4=read
Mary wrote the Tax script to pull information from her personal files. You want to let anyone in the marketing group run Tax as though they were using Mary's account. What would you type at the command line to achieve this using symbols?
chmod g+s Tax
What term defines the default permissions of a new file or directory? What is the # range that identifies these permissions?
umask, 0-7
Bill has retired and has been replaced by Arthur. You want to grant Arthur the same permissions for /home/bill directory that Bill had. How can you transfer Bill's files to Arthur?
chown -R arthur /home/bill
When you have a job that you want to run only once at a specific time, you can use the this command?
What are two files that control a user's ability to run at jobs?
/etc/at.allow and /etc/at.deny
If you want to run a job only when the system load is light, you can use this command to schedule the job.
When you schedule a batch job, batch examines this file to check the system load. The job is executed only when the average system load falls below 1.5.
Which of these commands is the same as the batch command?
at -b
The crontab command will create and install the cron file in this directory?
The crontab command will also save a copy of the cron file in this directory under the user's username?
Never edit your crontab file directly. Instead, always use?
crontab -e to edit, crontab -r to delete.
What is the name of the daemon that runs scheduled, recurring jobs?
How would you enter a cron job to run the file myscript at 6:15 AM every Sunday?
15 06 * * 0 myscript
You can control which users are allowed to run cron jobs through the use of these 2 files
/etc/cron.allow, /etc/cron.deny
What is the name of the main system log?
This file records all logins and logouts for each user; used by the last command
This file contains information on currently logged in users; used by the who, w, and finger commands
This file records the time of the most recent login for all users; used by the lastlog command
This command shows all logins listed in the /var/log/wtmp file?
These commands are used to determine who is presently logged in to the system. The w command also shows the time the user logged in.
who & w