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This option with the cp command backs up the destination file before overwriting it.
What character is used in a filename to specify a backup file
Using cp or mv with this option prompts for verify before overwriting a file.
Use this option with CP or mv to force over write of existing file
To preserve file attributes with cp & copy the directory hierarchy as well use this option?
which switch is used with the mv or rm command to prompt before overwriting destination file?
This switch used with the mv command causes the name of each file to be displayed before it is moved.
The mkdir can create the parent and child directories in a single command by using this option?
The default permissions for the new directory allow the owner, the owner's group, and all other users what permission? (represented by octal # 777)
read, write and execute
The default permissions of mkdir can be changed by using this option?
To delete a directory using rm, use this option? To delete without individual confirmat use this option?
-r, -fr
Using this option lets you remove entire directory hierarchies that consist only of empty directories.
Using this option with CP will force an overwrite of existing files.
To recursively copy one directory's contents to another, use either of these options?
-r or -R
You want to overwrite June report with the July report. What command would you use to accomplish this task?
cp -f July June
What option deletes all the files in the directory and then deletes the directory itself?
What option recursively deletes files and directories without confirmation?
Unlike "rm -r", using this command can only remove empty directories?
With rmdir you can remove all empty directories in a directory hierarchy using this option?
You want to delete the directory June/reports only if it is completely empty. If removing June/reports leaves the June directory empty, you want to delete June as well
rmdir -p June/reports
This pattern character expression is used to match special characters?
This pattern expression matches to the beginning of a line?
This pattern expression matches to the end of a line?
This command searches a file contents for a pattern or simple string.
global regular expression print (grep)
With grep, this option shows the line numbers of each line containing the search string.
With grep, if you only want to know the # of lines containing the pattern, use this option?
Using grep, if you want to see lines that do not contain a certain word or phrase, use this option?
To have grep use a file to list the files that need to be searched for a word or phrase, use this option?
When using a file list, grep's default action is to list the name of each file as a header before listing the results. This behavior can be suppressed by using this option.
Use this option for grep to be case insensitive?
If you want grep to find only occurrences where the pattern is a word unto itself, use this option?
To have grep can find the names of files containing an expression without displaying the lines where the expression occurs use this option?
to have grep supress error messages on files it can't read, use this option?
How would you find every occurrence of the word dog (regardless of case) in a file called pets?
grep -iw dog pets