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What are the main components of the limbic system?
1. Limbic Cortex
2. Hippocampal Formation
3. Amygdala
4. Diencephalon
5. Basal ganglia
6. Basal forebrain
7. Septal nuclei
8. Brainstem
9. Olfactory cortex
What are the main functions associated with the limbic system?
Homeostasis, Olfaction, Memory, Emotions and Drives

Mneumonic: HOME
What are the main functions of the Limbic Cortex?
Structures involved share immunological markers and is affected in diseases such herpes encephalitis
Name the main components of the limbic cortex?
Pare hippocampal gyrus, cingulate gyrus, medial orbital frontal cortex, temporal pole, interior insula
What are the main functions associated with the Amygdala?
Emotion, autonomic system, and neuroendocrine circuits. The amygdala is a nuclear complex in the anterior medial temporal lobe.
What are the main parts and functions associated with the diencephalic structures?
The structures include the hypothalamus, mediodorsal nucleus of the thalamus, anterior nucleus of the thalamus and habenula. They participate in all functions of the limbic system.
The limbic channel involves what pathways of the basal ganglia?
The Ventral spray will pathways
. The Nucleus Basalis of Meynert is implicated in what illness?
The nucleus basilis of Meynert Is a Major Site of Degeneration in Alzheimer's Dementia.