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What are the typical parts of the limbic system?
How old is this brain?
Limbic system is the older part of the mammalian brain
Where is the limbic system located?
medial surface of the temporal lobe, medial surface of the mammalian brain
What structures make up the limbic system
-Olfactory cortex
Why is the olfactory cortex
important to the limbic system?
it's important because the limbic system uses odor to associate memories to long term storage
Why is the amygdala important for normal human func?
It makes a person feel fear
How does amygdala's processes make a person 'feel fear'
sensory input form: visual, auditory, & somatosensory cortices, all together recognize elements/scenes that signal danger.
THEN, output is the 'fight or flight' system takes over.
What does the hippocampus do for the limbic system?
one of the limbic systems functions is memory. The hippocampus is the structure that helps turn short-term memory into long-term memories
Why is the hypothalamus important?
*helps regulate homeostasis
*helps regulate hunger, anger, thirst, sex drive
*response to pain
*regulated parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system (which work with tha amygdala)
*helps control the pituitary gland
What are the main functions of the limbic system
-sets emotional tone
-tags events as important
-stores emotional memories
-modulates motivation
-controls appetite
-promotes bonding
-directly processes sense of smell
-reward/reinforce: like the act will re-do it
-modulate sexual behavior