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The Outer fibrous (parietal) and inner serosal (visceral) layers make up the (blank).
TRUE/FALSE - The Left ventricle near the apex forms the Anterior surface of the heart.
False - The anterior surface is made up of the RA & RV.
What is Endocardium?
A single layer of endothelial cells that line the heart chambers.
What are the 3 venous Structures that empty into the RA?
Coronary Sinus, SVC, IVC
Which ventricle has 2 papillary muscles? 3?
3=RV; 2=LV
Describe the proper impulse conduction pathway of the heart.
SA to AV to bundle of HIS to R & L Bundle Branches.
TRUE/FALSe - Purkinjie fiber transmission conducts first to the papillary muscles and then to the ventricular myocardium.
TRUE - to prevent regurgitation
TRUE/FALSE - The RCA always supplies the branch to the SA & AV Node.
False - 8% (AV) and 25% (SA)portions of the population it arises from the circumflex artery
Describe Myocyte cell characteristics.
Striated, 1 or 2 central nuclei, intercalated disk (unique), made up of sarcomeres
Describe from Phase 4 to phase 3 the depolarization of a cardiac muscle cell.
Phase 4 = -90 RMP;
Phase 0 = AP opens Na channels past threshold;
Phase 1 = K+ outward flow bring MP back to 0;
Phase 2 = Ca in (L type) balanced with K+ out plateau;
Phase 3 = Ca inactivates, repolarization
Describe how Pacemaker Cells differ from other cardiac cells.
Automaticity, -60 RMP (fast Na not mechanism, different Na channel~I(f)), upstroke determined by slow inward Ca channels
What physiologic purpose does increased refractory periods in cardiac cells play?
Allows for necessary time for ventricular filling and emptying between contractions.
TRUE/FALSE - Beta adrenergic stimulation enhances both ventricular contraction and relaxation