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Translate: s'agir de
to be about
Translate: s'en aller
to leave
Translate: s'apercevoir de
to realize
Translate: s'attendre
to expect
Translate: se douter de
to suspect
Translate: s'ennuyer (de)
(sans de): tp be bored
(+ de): to miss, to long for
Translate: s'entendre avec
to get along
Translate: se faire à
to get used to
Translate: s'imaginer
to fancy
Translate: se jouer de
to deride
Translate: se mettre à
to begin
Translate: se passer (de)
(sans de): to arrive, to happen
(+ de): to do without
Translate: se plaire à
to enjoy
Translate: s'y prendre
to go about
Translate: se rappeler
to remember
Translate: se rendre
To go; to surrender
Translate: se rendre compte de
to realize
Translate: se servir de
to use
Translate: se tromper de
to be mistaken
Translate: se trouver
to be found
Translate: s'en vouloir
to be angry with oneself; each other
Translate: s'écrier
to exclaim
Translate: s'écrouler
to collapse
Translate: s'efforcer de
to strive
Translate: s'empresser de
to hasten
Translate: s'enfuir
to flee
Translate: s'évanouir
to faint
Translate: se méfier de
to distrust
Translate: se moquer de
to make fun of
Translate: se soucier de
to mind
Translate: s'envoler
to fly away
Translate: se souvenir de
to remember
Translate: se suicider
to kill oneself
Translate: se taire
to be silent
Translate: se rire
to laugh at oneself