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The oldest person on record to ever live was Jeanne Calment, who lived to be ________ years old.
In the USA there are over _____________ and over ___________ centenarians world wide.
22,000; 200,000
The oldest living organism on Earth is the ____________ which was estimated at ____________ years old.
Bristlcone pine tree; 4600
In the early 20th century the life expectancy was _______ years old and today it is much greater (77-81 years), which can be attributed to ____________ advances.
50; technological
Life expectancy is different from life span in that the life expectancy of an organism is subjected to ____________ factors, which can vary greatly.
ICSI is a technique where _________ is directly injected into the _____________.
sperm, egg
Forming the __________ is the first step of the life cycle.
The Giant clam releases _________ first into the ocean and then waits 30 minutes before releasing the eggs, which allows for __________ between different individuals.
sperm; cross fertilization
The Christmas Island crabs make a pilgrimage to the shore to lay their _________ in the ocean even though they reside on ____________.
eggs, land
It was ___________ that evolved a way to eliminate the need for an external source of food for their young.
In placental mammals they evolved a _________ which allows them to develop a fertilized egg to term.
After fertilization the embryo attaches to the uterus and produces the ____________ which will transfer the nutrients gained from the mother to the fetus.
Humans are nothing more than a collection of molecules composed of __________, ____________, and ___________, yet we are one of the most complex creatures on Earth.
hydrogen, oxygen, carbon : can be in any order