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There are studies that show there is no additional effecgt of exercise on extra weight loss. so was all that exercise a waste?
NO exercise stimulates sympathetic system...less depression
What are the characteristics of exercise?
1) high turnover of neurotransmitters
2)anti-depression effect
3) increased sense of control (self-efficacy)
4) better food choices
5) decreases mortality independent of weight
How does RQ reflect diet?
the less active u are the lower the value will be (Fit = 1)
What happens in the first 10 seconds of exercise?
1. creatine phosphate used..can supply muscles w/ P w/out ATP but its ONLY in muscles.
2. dont use any body fuels
3. RQ does not change (no ATP needed)
Creatine goes to the ______which then puts it in muscles (which then goes to the kidney)
What is sometimes used to predict the amount of lean muscle?
Between 10 and 90 seconds (using anaerobic metabolism--glucose and lactic acid leaves cell)...
RQ = 1
little increase in respiration
What happens greater than 90 seconds?
the more carbs (glycogen) you have, the longer you can go
when you "hit the wall" theres no more glycogen so cant make anymore glucose for muscles so running on pure fat.