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a fortiori
from as stronger position; all the more so
(ab) imo pectore
from the bottom of one's heart
ab ovo
from the egg; from the very beginning
ab ovo usque ad mala
from beginning to end
absit invidia
let there be no ill will
absit omen
let there be no evil omen
("knock on wood")
ab uno disce omnes
from one example learn all
ad arbitrium
at will
an addition
ad extremum
at last, to the last
ad finem
at the end, to the end
ad hoc
for this particular purpose
ad hominem
for the man; by interest of prejudice rather than truth of logic
ad infinitum
indefinitely; w/o limit, to eternity; endlessly
ad interim
in the meantime
ad libitum
at one's pleasure
ad litteram
to the letter, to the last jot, perfectly
ad nauseam
to the point of nausea; to the point of disgust
ad rem
to the point; pertinent
ad utrumque paratus
prepared for either outcome
ad valorem
according to value
aequo animo
with equanimity, calmly
aere perennius
more lasting than bronze; immortal
order of business at a meeting
otherwise name; an assumed name
the plea of having been somewhere else at the time of the commission of an act
alma mater
foster (nourishing) mother
alter ego
a second self; a very close friend
foster child; nurseling (gradute of an Alma Mater)
amicus curiae
friend of the court
anguis in herba
a snake in the grass; a traitor
Anno Domini
in the year of our lord
Annuit coeptis
He (God) had favored our undertakings
annus mirabilis
a year of wonder
ante bellum
before the war
anter meridiem
before noon
a priori
deductive reasoning
argumentum ad hominem
an arguement directly to the man
argumentum ex silentio
an argument based on silence; an attempt to prove something by the absence of evidence to the contrary
ars artis gratia
art for art's sake
ars est celare artem
it is true art to conceal art
ars longa, vita brevis
art is long, life is short
aqua vitae
applied to spirits like brandy (literally water of life)
audentes fortuna iuvat
fortune favors the bold
aude sapere
dare to be wise
aurea mediocritas
the golden mean
aurora borealis
the northern lights
bis dat qui cito dat
he who gives all at once, gives twice
bona fide
in good faith; genuine, sincerely
brevi manu
carpe diem
seize the day; make the most of today
casus belli
justification of war
cave canem
beware the dog
caveat emptor
let the buyer beware
ceteris paribus
the other things being
copia verborum
a torrent of words
coram nobis
in our presence
coram populo
in public
corpus delicti
the body of the crime; the basic facts necessary to the commission of the crime
to be corrected
I believe; set of firm beliefs
cum grano salis
with a grain of salt; with some allowance
cum laude
with praise
things given
de facto
in fact; in reality; actual
de gustibus non est disputandum
there is no accounting for tastes; everyone to his own taste
de jure
by right; legally
de lana caprina
a disscussion on a matter of no importance
de minimis non curat lex
the law doesn't care about the smallest things
de mortuis nil nisi bonum
of the dead, say nothing but good
de novo
deo volente
god willing
dies faustus
a lucky day
Dies Irae
Day of Wrath (Judgemet Day: hymn by Thomas of Celano)