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una voce
unanimously "one voice"
vice versa
conversely "the change being turned"
Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum "Jesus Nazareth, king of Jews"
According to legend, Roman soldiers places these letters over jesus' head to mock him on cross
vox populi
"voice of the people"
vade in pace
"go in peace"
motto of harvard
also means " by way of"
ipse dixit
he himself said it
an assertion, as opposed to something that has been proven
shall please
an inert medication used for psycological reasons
the fixed moraly binding customs of a particular group; a habitual behavior
an error in writing or printing is given the dignified appellatium erratum, plural errata. an errata is a list of such errors
used on perscriptions
in libris libertas
in books there is freedom
fortes fortuna iuvat
fortune favors the brave
this was supposivly said by Pliny the Elder as he sailed across the Bay of Naples to get a better look at the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. He did not make it back.
soli deo gloria
glory to God alone
Dei Gratia
by the grace of God
implication is that any one fuctioning ________________ has direct access to the Divinity
primus inter paves
the first among equals
this phrase finds use in describing the peeking order within a group of males of equal rank. teachers within a certain department is a good example.
protanum vulgus
the common people "the profance multitde"
ros in urbe
country in city
describing city building, garden, or veiw that suggests the country side. also used to denote the creating of an illusion of country side in a city setting.
a scholars word, used to makes refrences to an earlier portion of a text.
valde mecum
go with me
usually a small manual or reference book that is regulary carried in ones pocket.
ave Maria
hail Mary
the angels salutation to the virgin. used inthe church from a very early period.
ex libris
from the library of "from the books"
commonly appears on book plates, followed by an authors name
dulce et delorum est pro patria mori
there is no greater honor than to die for ones country "it is sweet and fitting to die for the father land"
ubi fumus ibi ignis
where there is smoke, there is fire
Rednant populi
the people rule
motto of Arkansas
virtute et armis
by courage and weapons
motto of mississippi
concerning regulary
used on legal documents and notes
a summery, outline or a course of study
in vino veritas
wine loosens the tounge "in wine, the truth"
this old Roman proverb tells us that people under the influence of wine or other spirits will say things they normally would try to conceal.
mirabile dictu
wonderful to relate
this phrase to use when one wishes to express astonishment while recounting an event of overwhelming significance or acommplishment or irony.
mirabile visu
wonderful to behold
hannibal ad portas
the Russians are comming! "Hannibal is at the gates"
was used to alert the citizins of Rome to imminent danger. Hannibal was so feared by Romans that the meaning is " our country is in danger"
Hic et nunc
here and now
a person who demands immediate action, such as repayment of debt.
hora fugit
the hour flies
Reminds us that life passes too quickly
in pleno
in full
in pectore
in secret "in the breast"
Designation of a cardinal by the Pope without public announcment is an example
in saecula saeculorum
forever and ever "for ages of ages"
snything that has continued to a very long time.
lux et veritas
light and truth
motto of Yale University
mens sana in corpore sano
a sound mind in a sound body "to train the body as well as the mind"
juvenal suggests to us that we must pray for attainment this , and his phrase has found use for many centuries as the stated educational goal of many schools.
ad dendum
a thing to be added