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magnum opus
a great work; a masterpiece
mala fide
in bad faith
manu propria
by one's own hand
mater familias
mother of the family; matriarch
mea culpa
by my fault
me iudice
in my opinion
memento mori
remember to die; remember that you are mortal
a note of something
mens sana in corpore sano
a sound mind in a sound body
meo periculo
at my own risk
trifles; minor details
mirabile dictu
wonderful to tell
modus operandi
method of working
modus vivendi
a method of living or getting along together
mortituri te salutamus
we who are about to die salute you
multum in parvo
much in a small space
mutatis mutandis
having made the necessary changes
nemine contradicente
no one contradicting; unanimous
ne quid nimis
nothing in excess
ne plus ultra
nothing more beyond; perfection
nil desperandum
nothing is to be despaired of; don't despair
nolens volens
unwilling or willing; willy-nilly
nolle prosequi
he or she will not prosecute any further
nollo contendere
"I do not wish to contest" the case
non compos mentis
not of sound mind
non obstante
not withstanding
non sequitur
it does not follow
nota bene
note well
novus ordo secloru
a new world order
nulli secundus
second to none
nunc aut numquam
now or never
Nunc dimittis
Now lest thou depart (in peace)
obiter dicta
comments made in passing
onus probandi
the burden of proof
opus citatum
the work previously cited
O temporta! o mores!
o the times! o the customs!
by the leave of (express a polite disagreement)
pari passu
at an equal pace; in equal proportion
throughout; everywhere
pater familias
father of the family; patriarch
pater noster
Our father (Lord's Prayer)
pater patriae
father of his country
pax vobiscum
peace be with you
i have sinned
per annum
by the year; each year; yearly
per capita
for each individual (by heads)
per centum
by the hundred
per diem
by the day
periculum in mora
danger in delay
per se
by itself; essentially
persona non grata
a person who is unacceptable
pons asinorum
bridge of donkeys
Post hoc ergo propter hoc
after this, therefore because of this
post meridiem
after noon
post mortem
occuring after death
post scriptum
written afterwards
prima facie
on first sight or appearance
pro bono publico
for the public welfare
pro forma
for form's sake; as a matter of form