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Dies natali
disiecta membra
scattered parts
divide et impera
divide and rule
docendo discimus
we learn by teaching
dominus vobiscum
the lord be with you
dramatis personae
actors or the characters in a drama
edito princeps
first edition
discharged; retired
e pluribus unum
out of many, one
errare humanum est
to err is human
est modus in rebus
there is a limit in all things
et alia
and other things
et cetera
and the rest
et tu, Brute!
and you brutus!
ex animo
ex capite
from memory
ex cathedra
from the chair; with authority
let him go out (a permission to leave)
exeunt, exit
they go out,he goes out
ex libris
from the book collection of; from the library of
Ex nihilo nihil fit
nothing is made from nothing
ex officio
by virtue of office; from the office
ex pede herculem
to judge the whole from a part
ex posto facto
retroactive; after the fact
ex tempore
on the spur of the moment
exact copy
person employed to do everything
festina lente
make haste slowly
sanction, a degree
genius loci
the spirit of the place
gloria in excelsis
glory in the highest
habeas corpus
a writ to bring before a judge for someone who is in prison; have the body
helluo librorum
a book worm
homo sapiens
wise man
in that same place (referring to a passage already cited)
id est
that is
ignis fatuus
foolish fire; the will-o-the-wisp
an ignorant person
in absentia
in absence
with identity concealed
in esse
in actual existence; existing
in extremis
in extremity, dying; among the last things
in flagrante delicto
with the crime is blazing; caught in the act
infra dignitatem
beneath one's dignity
in hoc signo vinces
by this sign you will conquer
in loco parentis
in the place of a parent
in medias res
into the middle of things; without preamble
in memoriam
to the memory of
in nuce
in a nutshell
in posse
in propria persona
in one's own character; without disguise
in re
in the matter or; concerning
in situ
in place; in its original position
inter alia
among other things
inter se
among themselves
in toto
in vacuo
in emptiness; without considering other factors
in vino veritas
in wine there is truth
ipse dixit
as assertion made but not proven
ipsissima verba
the very words
ipso facto
by the very nature of the case; by the fact itself
jus civile
civil lae
jus divinum
divine law
jus gentium
law of nations or international law
jus naturae
natural law
lapsus calami
slip of the pen
lapus linguae
slip of the tounge
lapsus memoriae
slip of the memory; forget
Lares et Penates
one's personal or household effects
letter by letter; litterally
locum tenens
on holding a place; a substitute
loco citato
in the place quoted
magna cum laude
with great praise