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Baculum, –i,
n., stick, staff
who vacumes what
Cista, -ae,
fem. trunk or chest
sista carries a what?
Equus, -i
mas. horse
quuis me on my horse knowlge
liberus, liberi
mas. book
libraries hold--
Paratus, -a, -um,
adj. ready- prepared
get ___ for the rarade
Raeda, -ae,
masculin. carriage
ready for the ___ ot take me
Via, -ae,
f., road, street
you go to work via ___
gero, gerere
to wear
get-ro-ro ____ clothes
habo, habere
to hold
not habitat!
iacio, iacere
to throw
c catches the IO
iubeo, iubere
to order, bid
i-ub--- i order
Ponere, pono
to put, or place
pon shops put htings in place
sto, stare,
Dominus (Domini)
master 2d
amsum, amesse
to be away, or acsent adj. 2d
amsum= absent
Area (Arae)
open space 1st
although (adverb)
A for:
Musso, Mussare
to mutter
mussils make me mutter
Verbero, berberare
to beat
i hate verbs ,i want to beat them
Ira (Irae)
anger 1st
ira's anger
Nox (Noctis)
night- 3d
Effurgio, effurgere
to flee or run away
effort to run
Impedio, Ipedire
to stop
not stampede, impede
Celo, Celare
to hide
hide on hte ceiling
Porta, Portae
like a portal