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What city did Aeneas' son Ascanius found?
Alba Longa
What two brothers, wrongfully deprived of the throne of Alba Longa, founded Rome? In what year did this supposedly happen? Why was it called Rome?
Romulus and Remus; 753 BC; because Romulus killed Remus and named it after himself
What are two names for the group of one hundred older men, fathers of the first hundred families accepted into the settlement at Rome?
senate or patres conscripti
What tribe's women did Romulus steal because the Romans needed wives?
Rather than dying, what does legend hold happened to Romulus?
that he was snatched up into the sky
Who were the earliest inhabitants of Italy?
Why was the site of Rome especially advantageous?
Because it lay at the ford of the Tiber and they could control the north-south route of the river, as well as boat traffic up and down it.
What people settled to the north of Rome in Etruria?
Identify: Cloaca Maxima
the main drain
Identify: toga
long draped mantle
Identify: fasces
a ceremonial bundle of sticks with an axe protruding from it
Identify: augury
reading omens in the thunder and lightning, bird behavior, or the arrangement of organs of sacrificed animals
How many kings of Rome were there? Where did the last three come from?
seven; Etruria
Why, and in what year, were the Tarquins expelled from Rome?
Because Sextus raped a woman, who then killed herself, and her husband took revenge; 509 BC
Who were the first two consuls of the Republic?
Collantinus and Lucius Junius Brutus
What are the the three parts of a typical Roman's name?
personal (praenomen), family (nomen), and connections/achievements/features (cognomen)
Who was the head of the family?
Who were the patricians? Plebs?
aristocratic descendants of Romulus's 1st 100 senators; small farmers, tradesmen, etc.
When did the plebs go strike?
When was the 12 Tables written?
When was intermarriage acceptable?
When was the law passed that at least one consul had to be a pleb?
When did it become illegal to force someone into slavery because of their inability to pay debts?
When was "lex hortansia", all pleb decisons had force of law?
Define imperium.
The authority for magistrates to oversee domestic and judicial affairs and to lead armies to war.
What were the responsibilities of praetors? Quaestors?
operating the lawcourts nad interpreting law; financial affairs
What magistrates controlled membership in the senate and public works? Who was the most famous of these and what did he build?
censors; Appius Claudius; Via Appia and aqueducts
How many tribunes were elected annually? What were their powers?
10; propose legislation and the power to veto
What were the eventual responsibilities of the aediles?
check on accuracy of measures and weights; keep public ways clean; develop public games
Who were the nobiles? What was a novus homo?
those who could claim a consul as an ancestor; anyone who was the first consul in their family
How were senators easily identified? What were they not allowed to be involved in?
the purple stripe; trade or leaving Italy without permission
What were the Senate's only true legal powers? What was its primary role?
finance and foreign affairs; giving advice
According to legend why was Quintus Mucius nicknamed Scaevola?
Because he stuck his right hand in a fire to prove his loyalty to Rome. He was therefore "left-handed".
In what year did the Etruscan stronghold of Veii fall to Rome?
What kind of power did a dictator have? For how long?
all power; 6 mos.
In what year did the Gauls defeat the Romans? What creatures saved the capital?
390; geese
What was another name for southern Italy? Whom did the city of Tarentum call on for help against Rome in 280? What were his high cost victories called?
Magna Graecia; King Pyrhus,; Pyrhic victory
What was the population of Rome by 279? How many of the these were men of military age?
million; three hundred thousand