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Decameron by Boccaccio
Framed narrative. Frederigo, Monna, and her son,. You must give rewards, don't wait for Fortune to, because Fortune does not do it fairly.
Don Quixote by Cervantes
Sancho Panza foil to Don Quixote. Sancho Panza only needs three things: food, drink, and a place to sit.
Identify Dark Woods, Lucifer, Cheryon/Charon
Dark Woods: corruption
Lucifer: Satan
Cheryon/Charon: ferryman to hell on River of Acheron
Who is Beatrice, Rachel, and Lucia?
Beatrice guides Dante when Virgil leaves.
Rachel represents contemplative life.
Lucia is the Divine Light.
Who are the 3 creatures, and what do they represent?
She-Wolf: Incontinence, Greed
Leopard: Fraud, malice
Lion: Ambition, violence
"Laura" by Petrarch

Less of a courtly love idea. Recognize humanism.
Petrarchan sonnet/Italian sonnet, has an octave, and a sestet. ABBA, ABBA, and then whatever. Octave has a single theme or idea, and sestet supports/contradicts it. RESPONSE TO OCTAVE.