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What is a rumanant
a species of animal that have multicompartmental stomachs, cloven hooves
What is the rumen
the rumen is a portion of the stomach that is responsible for fermentation of grasses that contain cellulose
How much saliva is produced by cattle?
100 -150 liters
What are the functions of the omasum and abomasum?
omasum absorbs fatty acids and bicarbonate, the abomasum secreats acids and functions simmulary to a monogastric stomach
An intact male
a castrated male
young female
mature female
What is IBR and what are its characteristics
Infectious bovine rinotracheitis. characterized by inflamation of the muzzle and nostrils and affects the upper respitratory tract. it can cause pnemonia if in conjunction with bacterial infection
What is BVD and what are its characteristics?
Bovine viral diarrhea, their are 2 types. respiratory, digestive and reproductive problems are associated. their is no treatment just supportive care
Bovine respiratory syncyntial virus. invades cell lining of the trachea and lungs. Lower respiratory tract
Haemophilus somnus
bacteria that causes pnemonia. more prevelant in stress situations. lower respiratory tract infection
Mannheimia haemolytica
commonly known as Pasteurella. bacteria associated with shipping fever. causes pnemonea in freshly weaned calves. signs include: fever, nasal discharge, coughing, edema
also refered to as black leg disease. caused by Clostridium perfergens type A, death may be the first and only sign. muscle spasms, ridgid limbs, sensitivity to touch and sound death occurs between 3-10 days. treatment includes antitoxins, and vaccines
Causes diarrhea leading to moderate to severe dehydration.Depression.
* calves that survive are often weak and do poorly throughout their lives.
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy. also refered to as chronic wasting disease. casued by prions. degenerative neurologic disease and is always fatal. animals go down and are unable to stand. always fatal