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3 types of Contour Lines
Index, Intermediate, Supplementary
10 types of Terrain Features found on a topographical map:
1- Hill Horny
2- Saddle Super
3- Valley Vixens
4- Ridge Ride
5- Depression Down
6- Draw Doing
7- Spur Sexy
8- Cliff Chants
9- Cut Calling
10- Fill Friends
6 colors used on military maps:
1- Black
2- RedBrown
3- Blue
4- Green
5- Brown
6- Red
Black represents:
ManMade features
Blue represents:
Hydrographic features
Green represents:
Red represents:
Major roads, populated areas, boundaries
Brown represents:
Contour lines
RedBrown represents:
Cultural features, all relief features, non-surveyed spot elevations, elevation (red-light readable)