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research question
a question about one or more topics that can be answered with research
socially defined sources of knowledge
personal inquiry
inquiry that employs the senses' evidence for arriving at knowledge
scientific method
a way of conducting empirical research following rules that specify objectivity, logic and communication among a community of knowledge seekers, and the connection between research and theory.
the ability to see the world as it really is
agreements about reality that result from comparing the observations of more than one observer
basic research
research designed to add to our fundamental understanding and knowledge of the social world regardless of practical or immediate implications
applied research
research intended to be useful in the immediate future and to suggest action or increase effectiveness in some area
social theory
an explanation about how and why people behave and interact in the ways that they do
explanatory research
ground-breaking research on a relatively unstudied topic or in a new area
qualitative data analysis
analysis that results in the interpretation of action or representation of meanings in the researcher's own words
descriptive study
research designed to describe groups, activities, situations, or events
quantitative data analysis
analysis based on the statistical summary of data
explanatory research
research designed to explain why subjects vary in one way or another