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What defines Short Stature?
measurements that fall below the 3rd percentile for height
What are the 4 basic patterns of proportional short stature?
1. Pathologic = postnatal onset
2. Constitutional growth delay
3. FAmilial Short stature
4. Prenatal onset short stature (IUGR)
In this short stature, normal final adult height is reached, but the growth spurt & puberty are delayed
Constitutional Short Stature
Patients with this short stature stay parallel to the growth curve
Familial Short Stature
This short stature is parallel to the growth curve but is much more marked
Prenatal short stature (IUGR)
What is the single most important diagnostic study to obtain in short stature?
X-ray of the left hand & wrist for bone age
What are 3 endocrine causes of Tall Stature?
1. GH excess = gigantism & acromegaly

2. Androgen excess = tall as children but short as adults

3. Hyperthyroidism
What are genetic syndromes & metabolic disorders responsible for Tall Stature?
1. Homocystinuria
2. Cerebral gigantism
3. Beckwith-Wiedemann = hereditary disorder characterized by exomphalos, macroglossia, and gigantism, often with neonatal hypoglycemia
3. Weaver-Smith
4. Klinefelter Syndrome
What are the symptoms of Homocystinuria?
-Autosomal recessive
-Marfanoid appearance
-Mental retardation
-psychiatric illness
This syndrome presents with large for gestational age, mental retardation, & a mild hydrocephalus
Cerebral Gigantism = Sotos Syndrome
Chronological Age > Bone Age

with normal growth velocity
Constitutional Delay
Chronological Age > Bone Age
with abnormal growth velocity
Chronic system disease or Endocrine disorders
Chronological age = Bone Age
with normal growth velocity
Genetic short stature
Chronological age < Bone Age with normal growth velocity
Chronological age < Bone Age with abnormal growth velocity
Precocious puberty
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
A baby weighs 16 lbs at 1 year of age. Birth weight was 8 lbs. Parents state that the baby feeds well. Physical exam reveals a baby with little subcutaneous fat, long dirty fingernails, impetigo, & a flat occiput
Failure to thrive
What are the risk factors of FTT?
-starvation, deprivation, abuse

-infection, celiac dx, CF, Disaccharidase deficiency, protein-losing enteropathy

Immune deficiency states
Chronic disease
What test should be considered in a FTT patient?
Sweat chloride for CF
What are the complications associated with Obesity? (4)
CV = HTN, high cholesterol


Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

Sleep Apnea
What are 3 endocrine causes of obseity in the DDx?
1. Cushing
2. Hypothyroidism
3. Prader-Willi