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The school nurse refers a 7 year old b/c he failed his hearing test at school. The men in this pt's family have a hx of renal problems, & a few of his maternal uncles are deaf. A UA is obtained from the pt, which shows microscopic hematuria
Alport Syndrome
MC type of hereditary Nephritis
Alport syndrome
What is the inheritance of Alport syndrome?
X-linked = usually in males
What is the presentation of Alport Syndrome?
1. asymptomatic hematuria
2. Sensorineural hearing loss or deafness
3. Eye abnormalities (cataracts) are seen in a small number of pts
What is the diagnostic test for Alport Syndrome?
In pts with microscopic hematuria & proteinuria, a RENAL BIOPSY should be performed.

Biopsy shows:
-glomerular sclerosis & a thickened BM
-as dz progresses, tubular atrophy, fibrosis, & FOAM cells arise
A 3 year old child presents to the ER w/ hx of bloody diarrhea & decreased urination. The mother states that the childs symptoms began 5 days ago after the family ate at a fast-food restaurant. At that time the pt developed fever, vomiting, ab pain, & diarrhea. On exam the pt appears ill. He is pale & lethargic
-corticosteroids are not helpful
What is the MC cause of HUS?
E. coli O157:H7
How is HUS different from Bilateral Renal Vein Thrombosis?
Renal vein thrombosis have large kidneys
How is HUS different from TTP?
TTP occurs in young women & affects the central nervous system
-pts also have fever, decreased platelets, & cutaneous symptoms
A 3 yo child presents to teh physician with a CC of puffy eyes. On exam there is no erythema or evidence of trauma, insect bite, cellulitis, conjunctival injection, or discharge
Nephrotic Syndrome
What are teh characteristics of Nephrotic Syndrome?
1. Proteinuria
2. Hypoalbuminemia
3. Edema
4. Hyperlipidemia
What is the presentation for Nephrotic Syndrome?
Follows viral URI
There may be generalized or pitting edema
Pt may have complaints of fatigue, anorexia, ab pain, or diarrhea
Pt may have weight gain
What is the treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome?
1. Diuretics & salt restriction
2. Albumin
3. Steroid (prednisone)
4. Alkylating agents (cyclophosphamide
5. Renal Transplanation for end-stage renal failure
Complications of Nephrotic syndrome include infection and developing Spontaneous Peritonitis usually caused by _____
S. pneumo
What should all pts with Nephrotic Syndrome receive?
Polyvalent Pneumococcal vaccine