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When does TEETHING begin?
6-8 months
What are the symptoms of Teething?
-local discomfort
-bluish discoloration of overlying gums caused by hematoma or eruption cyst
_____occurs when the Medial Nasal & Maxillary processes fail to join
Cleft lip
_______ results from failure of the palatal shelves to fuse
Cleft palate
What are common complications of Cleft palate?
recurrent Otitis Media, Hearing Loss, & Speech defects
What are the 3 MCC's of bacterial Otitis Media?
S. pneumo
non-typable H. flu
Moraxella catarrhalis
What is the diagnositc tests for Otitis Media?
Pneumatic otoscopy reveals:
1. reddened, bulging tympanic membrane
2. loss of landmarks & poor mobility
What is the DOC for uncomplicated AOM?
Pocket of squamous epithelium in the tympanic membrane. It can spread & destroy other temporal bone structure. Theapy consists of surgical removal
How can swimmers prevent Otitis Externa?
instilling dilute alcohol in the ear canal after swimming
A newborn is noted to be cyanotic in the welborn nursery. On stimulation, he cries & becomes pink again. The nurse has difficulty passing a catheter thru the nose
Choanal Atresia
What does Choanal Atresia have an association with?
CHARGE Syndrome

Heart dz
Atresia choanae
Retarded growth/development
Genital anomalies (hypogonadism)
Ear anomalies (deafness)
How do babies with Choanal Atresia present?
cyanosis relieved by crying
Cold symptoms in children persisting for longer than 7-10 days are suspicious for _______
What should be considered in pubertal boys with profuse bleeding & an associated nasal mass?
Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
What is Streptococcal Pharyngitis treated with?
-Amoxicillin is an acceptable choice