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What can be seen on PE in Allergic Rhinitis?
Boggy, edematous, blue, & pale nasal passages

Nasal Salute

Nasal crease

Allergic shiners
What may a nasal smear of patients with allergic rhinitis show?
Hives, are red raised skin lesions of various sies that may be localized or generalized = ?
How does Angioedema differ from Urticaria?
lesions appear to be in deeper layers of skin, subcutaneous, or other tissues are involved
Inflammatory skin disorder characterized by erythema, edema, pruritis, exudation, crusting, & scaling
Atopic Dermatitis = Eczema
What are the treatments for Atopic Dermatitis?
-avoid extremes in temp's
-wear smooth-textured clothes & avoid WOOL
-Antihistamines for itching
A 15-month old child presents to the physician with fever of 39 C. On physical exam the pt is noted to have a right tympanic membrane that is erythematous & bulging & that has obscure landmarks & no mobility. On review of the medical record you note that since 9 months of age this pt has had multiple infections w/ Otitis media, sinusitis, & pneumonia
X-linked Agammaglobulinemia
What is the definition of X-linked Agammaglobulinemia?
severe hypogammaglobulinemia caused by defects in B lymphocytes
How do pts with Bruton's present?
after maternal Ab's fall at about age 6-12 months

Susceptible to repeated infections such as pneumonias, persistent otitis media, & sinusitis

PE may show hypoplasia of tonsils & adenoids. There is no LAD or Splenomegaly
When should Bruton's diagnosis be considered?
in pts with extremely low levels of IgG, IgA, IgM, & IgE & in the absence of circulating B cells
A 3 yo child is brought to your office b/c of recurrent URI's & recurrent UTI's, as well as chronic diarrhea
IgA deficiency
What is IgA deficiency associated with?
SLE & RA as well as increased incidence of CA

One must also be careful when administering blood & blood products to pts with IgA deficiency
A 3 week old infant presents with a generalized seizure. The patient was born to a 22 yo white woman, G1P1, full term, via SVD. Mother had good prenatal care & denies tobacco, drugs, & alcohol. There were no complications at delivery. The patient weighed 7 lb 6 oz at birth and has gained weight. The infant has been feeding & sleeping well. On physical exam the pt has hypertelorism, low-set ears, micrognathia, & a fish mouth
DiGeorge Syndrome
Define DiGeorge Syndrome
Hypoplasia of the THYMUS & PARATHYROIDS due to 3rd/4th Pharyngeal Pouch dysfunction
What are some "other" features of DiGeorge Syndrome?
-Congenital Heart Disease
-Hypertelorism = Abnormal distance between two paired organs.
-Esophageal atresia
-Bifid uvula
-Micrognathia = small jaw
What is the etiology of DiGeorge Syndrome?
microdeletions of specific DNA sequences from chromosome 22qll.2
How do babies with DiGeorge Syndrome present?
Hypocalcemic seizure
A 1 year old infant presents to his physician with severe eczema. On physical exam the pt is noted to have draining ears as well as a petechial rash. Review of the medical record reveals that the pt has recurrent infections, including otitis media & pneumonia
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
What is the definition of Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome?
X-linked recessive disese w/:
1. recurrent infections
2. Thrombocytopenia = petechiae
3. Eczema
What diagnostic tests help to diagnose Wiscott-Aldrich syndrome?
IgA & IgE are elevated

IgM is low
What is the treatment for Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome?
Splenectomy may correct Thrombocytopenia

BMT is treatment & cure
How does a child with Ataxia-telangiectasia present?
-Cerebellar ataxia
-hx of recurrent Sinopulmonary disease
-Masklike facies w/ drooling, tics, & irregular eye movements