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What are the elements of Public Relations?
Management Function, Planned activity, communication
Research based social science, Socially responsible
What is press agentry?
A person whose work is to get publicity for an individual or an organization
What is NOT Public relations?
labor relaions, employee relations, consumer relations, and product advertising
What is publicity?
INfo about an event, individual, or product, appears as a news item or feature story; material submitted to news departments
How is Journalism different from PR?
Provides "objective" info, communicate with mass audience, and single channel for media employer
What is the difference between PR and marketing?
Marketing makes $$ for organizations, and builds markets for goods and services
PR saves $$ for an organization, and builds realtionships and good will
WHat is the process of PR (4)
Research, Planning, communication, evaluation
WHat are the 4 models of PR
Press agentry, 2-way symmetrical, 2-way Asymmetrical, and public info
What is the 2-way symmetrical model?
gain mutual understanding with balanced effects, based on research, uses communication to manage conflict and understand strategic publics, based on negotiation and compromise, and most ethical
What is another definition of PR?
it is the art and science of creating, altering, and strengthening or overcoming public opinion
WHat are the PR organizational structures?
Agencies, Corporations, government, non-profit and trade organizations, and independent consultants
WHat are some PR activities?
Photography, community relations, government relations, philanthropy, internal communications, speeches, product promotion,sponsorships, film tape and slides, T.V., and internet
What is the Press agentry model?
Propoganda is purpose, one-way communication that is often incomplete, distorted, or only partially true, and communication is only viewed as telling not listening, and little research is used
What is the public info model?
dissemenation of info, not with persuasive intent. Uses controlled media (direct mail, brochures, and newsletters)
WHat is the 2-way Asymmetrical model?
scientific persuasion thru messages developed by research. ANy change needed to resolve a conflict must come from the public, not from the organization.