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The process of summarizing data included on multiple worksheets on one worksheet is called _____.
_____ format codes allow you to specify how a cell entry assigned a format will appear.
You document a workbook by adding _____ to cells that contain complex formulas.
Excel allows you to work with separate workbooks in a _____ and then link the workbooks to provide a consolidated view of the data in the workbooks.
_____ often are used when creating an initial consolidated worksheet to guide users of the worksheet regarding what type of data to enter in cells.
In consolidated worksheets with more complex formulas, you may want to use _____ that test the extreme boundaries of valid data.
Which of the following keyboard shortcuts allows you to select a range of cells with entries surrounded by blank cells?
You can enter _____ in a cell to display tomorrow's date.
You can use the _____ function to change a year, month, and day to a serial number.
You should create good _____ to ensure your workbooks are free of errors.
test data
The following sequence, Jan, Feb, Mar, etc., is an example of a _____ series.
The following sequence, 1, 1, 1, etc., is an example of a _____ series.
The following sequence, 2, 4, 6, etc., is an example of a _____ series.
The following sequence, 1, 2, 3, etc., is an example of a _____ series.
Which of the following is the path to the Fill button?
(Home tab | Editing group)
To fill a linear series using the fill handle, hold down the _____ key as you drag through the range.
It is recommended that you use the _____ function on formulas that potentially can result in more decimal places than the applied format displays.
The path to the Sum button is _____.
(Home tab | Editing group)
You can change from Enter mode or Edit mode to Point mode by typing the _____ sign or symbol followed by clicking a cell.
To copy the contents of a cell to the cell directly below it, click the target cell and press _____.
The path to the Accounting Number Format button is _____.
(Home tab | Number group)
Which of the following format codes insures that Excel will display a decimal point in the number?
. (period)
Which of the following format symbols displays text along with numbers entered in a cell?
" " (quotation marks)
You should click _____ in the Category list on the Number tab in the Format Cells dialog box to select or create a format code.
Which of the following format codes shows percent values with two decimal places and shows negative percent values in blue with parentheses?
You can open a workbook each time you start your computer by copying the workbook file to the _____ folder located in the All Programs list.
A workbook contains _____ worksheets by default.
Which of the following is the path to the Insert Cells button?
(Home tab | Cells group)
Which of the following can you drill through a workbook?
All of the above
A range that spans two or more sheets in a workbook is called a _____ range.
To select noncontiguous sheets, hold down the _____ key as you select the sheets.
A(n) _____ reference is a formula that depends on its own value.
Headers, footers, and margins are all _____ options.
page setup
Pressing the _____ keyboard shortcut keys pastes an image of the source area as a picture.
You can switch to Page Layout view by clicking the Page Layout button _____.
on the status bar
When you print a worksheet or use the Page Setup dialog box, Excel inserts_____ breaks that show the boundaries of what will print on each page.