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program wraps text from line to line
soft return
user presses the enter key?
hard return
to insert a screen tip?
press enter
use quick parts to create?
building blocks
how do you use a building blocks library?
type the first part of the text and press F3
what does the zoom slider do?
quickly makes the document larger or smaller
how do you change a documents size?
use the zoom tool on the view ribbon to change documents size on the screen
what does 'save' do?
replaces original file
what does 'save as' do?
creates a new file, leaving original file in tact
what are margins?
margins are the white space around the top, bottom, left, and right hand sides of the document
how do you start a parge break?
control + enter
hwo do you insert page numbers?
under insert page numbers you can adjust it to be in the header of the footer
how do you make different header and footers in your document?
by using section breaks
which controls can have section breaks?
header and footers, margins, page orientation-portrait or landscape, page size, columns
what is underlined in red?
questionable spelling
what is underlined in blue?
contextual spelling
what is underline in green?
questionable grammer
what does a document header do?
checks for a removes different hidden and personal information
the 2007 word saves as?
previous word saves as?
how do you get to coustomize word?
click office button and then word options to get the dialouge box