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Nuclear test restraints include provisions that
prohibit tests in the atmosphere
The START agreements between the US and the Soviet Union (now Russia) require both nations to
start building down to zero nuclear arms
The problem of states living up to arms control agreements is essentially one of
Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) depends upon
both sides having a secure second-strike capability
One reason the Washington Naval Arms Conference (1922-24) was a successful arms control agreement was that
it was easy to monitor the building and maintaining of battleships
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) promotes
peaceful uses of nuclear energy
The biggest problem associated with proliferation of conventional arms in the past 50 years is
the widespread danger posed by explosive remnants of warfare (ERWs)
Terrorism is all of the following EXCEPT
a relatively new phenomenon
That terrorism can be said to display instrumental rationality means that
terrorism is a means to an end
Causes of terrorism are usually associated with
ideological factors
Terrorist actions are NOT usually
designed to demonstrate sophistication of weapons and their use
The British bombardment of the city of Copenhagen in 1807 is an example of
state-sponsored terrorism
Trafficking inhuman beings is LEAST likely to include
The beginnings of globalization can be traced to
steam-powered ocean transport
The important influence of the Roman Empire’s jus gentium (law of the peoples) was that
it is possible to have one law system that applies to many different peoples
The term “positive law” refers to
laws that are written down and not just assumed
The area of international law that is the most recent to be developed is
law concerning human rights
The most common source of international law is
The newly established International Criminal Court (ICC) differs from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in that
the ICC can hear cases involving individuals
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is
GNP less returns on foreign investments
According to mercantilist (or statist) economic theory trade is
a zero sum game
According to liberal economic theory only
free trade can make a country wealthy
Examples of commodities are
minerals or agricultural products
The balance of trade for a country equals
the value of exports minus the value of imports
The World Trade Organization succeed
GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)
NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Association, compared to the EU is
at a stage of development the European Union achieved 30-40 years ago
The greatest lack for so-called Third World countries (or the economic South) is
sufficient capital
The concepts of center , semi-periphery and periphery are associated with
economic structuralists
The NIEO, New International Economic Order, was first proposed by
Dependency theorists at the UNCTAD
The case study of Nauru illustrates the problem of
a less developed country depending upon an extractive resource
The condition existing wherein either of two adversaries confronting each other can cause unacceptable or total damage regardless of who strikes first is known as
Mutual Assured Destruction
The importance of the START treaties is that,
unlike earlier nuclear arms treaties, these treaties began to reduce nuclear arms
As causes of terrorism, grievances and cultures of violence are considered
environmental factors
The category of international law which is determined by mutual agreements and then written down is known as
positive law
In Law of the Sea, the phrase “common heritage of mankind” refers to
ocean bottom resources
The one phrase that best sums up key idea of the liberal, market-based theory of international political economy is
trade is the engine of growth
In comparing the several theories of IPE that we have considered, the Marxist or structuralist view deals with
distribution of wealth, an important economic question in society that the other theories, particularly the liberal ones, do not really address.
Any country’s balance of payments comprises its
current account, its capital account, its official reserves and a 4th element, voluntary remissions
In world markets, a currency such as the Icelandic krona, which is now fairly stable and accurately valued but is in very limited supply would be known as
a soft currency
One source of capital for developing countries comes from
large multi-national corporations who give funds to their own subsidiaries in the developing countries. This sort of transfer of capital, which bypasses a developing country’s own controls is known as foreign direct investment