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What husband and Wife team researched human motion, which they called Therbligs?
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth.
What was the impetus for the emergence of I/O Psychology?
Psychology with applied interests and concern for increasing industrial efficiency.
What consist in the Organization Development part of I/O psychology?
Maximize the satisfaction and effectiveness of individuals, work groups, and customers.
What consist in the Quality of worklife part of I/O psychology?
Redesigning of jobs to make them more meaningful and satisfying to the people who perform them.
What consist in the Ergonomics part of I/O psychology?
Designing tools, equipment, and machines that are compatible with human skills.
When both the title and practice of psychology are regulated, the law is called?
When only the title is regulated, the law is called?
Cerification law.
The process by which a professional practice is regulated by law to ensure quality standards are met to protect the public.
What were the two merging forces that gathered momentum before 1900?
1. Pragmatic nature of some basic psychological research.
2. The desire of industrial engineers to improve efficiency
What Psychologist published a paper about how professional telegraphers develop skill in sending and receiving morse code?
W.L. Bryan
Who was consider a precursor of I/O psychology.
W.L. Bryan
Who stressed examining real skills as a base upon which to develop scientific psychology?
W.L Bryan
What consist in the Perfomance Appraisal part of I/O psychology?
Determining the value of job performance to the organization.
What are the four main work areas for I/O Psy?
1. Academia(College, University) 37%
2. Consulting firms 38%
3. Government 7%
4. Industry 18%
What division of the APA represent I/O Psychology?
Division 14 SIOP (Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
What's I/O Psychology.
Professional practice that addresses psychological concepts and principles in the work world.
What are the two sides of I/O?
Professional / Science and Practice
What is the Sci/Practice side of I/O dealing with.
Scientfic methods are used to obtain behaviors.
What's the Professional side of I/O concerned with?
The application of knowledge to solve real problems in the world of work.
What model is I/O education founded on?
Scientist-Practitioner model, which trains them on both sci/practical app.
What part of I/O psychologist do Universities hire?
What part of I/O do consulting firms hire?
What part of I/O do business and government hire?
A mixed.
What are the 6 fields of I/O psychology?
1. Selection and Placement
2. Training and Development
3. Perfomance Appraisal
4. Organization Develpment
5. Quality of worklife
6. Ergonomics
What do slection and placement consist of?
Studying jobs and determining to what degree tests can predict performance in those jobs.
What consist in the training and development part of I/O psychology?
ID of employee skills that need to be enhaced to improve job performance.
Three individuals who stand out as the founding fathers?
1. Walter Dill Scott
2. Frederick W. Taylor
3. Hugo Munsterberg
What did Walter Dill Scott give to the cause?
Talked to Chicago business leaders on the need to apply Psychology to advestising. He also wrote 4 books.
The theory of advestising
The Psychology of Advestising
Influecing men in business
Increasing human Efficiency in bussiness
Frederick W. Taylor was best for?
Engineer by profession.
A book the Principles of scientific management.
Investigated by the interstate Commerce Commission, and the U.S. House of Representatives.
What was Hugo Munsterberg known for?
His book "Psychology and Industrial efficiency" was div into 3 parts.
1. Selecting employees.
2. Designing work situations.
3. Using psychology in sales.
Some consider him the father.
Safe Trolley car operator reasearch.
Who was most involved in introducing Psychology in the war?
Robert Yerkes. (President of the APA)
What test did Robert Yerkes and other psychologists eventually developed?
Army Alpha and the Army Beta, a special test for those that couldn't read.
In 1917 the oldest andmost representative journal in the field of I/O psychology began publication?
Journal of Applied psychology. The 1st article published addressed the Science vs. practice issue, still faced today.
The bureau of salesmanship research was developed by who??
Walter Bingham at the carnegie institute of technology.
PSychological Corporation was founded by who?
James Cattell in 1921.
Between the wars what emerged.
Salesmanship research and Psychological corporation.
What was the Hawthorne studies?
A joint venture between Western Eletric and several researchers from Harvard. Study to find the relationship beetween lighting and efficiency.
What was the Hawthorne effect?
A positive change in behavior that occurs at the onset of an intervention followed by a gradual decline, often to the original level of behavior.
The results of the first hawthorne study lead to what 4 major studies?
1.Relay assembly test room
2.Mass interviewing program
3.Bank iring observation room
4.Personnel counseling
Who chaired the advisory committee on classification of military during WWII?
Walter Bingham
What was the Army General Classification Test (AGCT)used for?
During WWII a test developed for the selection and placement of military personnel.
Psychologists also worked on the development and use of situational stress tests, a project undertaken by the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Why?
To assess candidates for assignment to military intelligence units.
What year was the divison of I/O psychology created?
Elton Mayo was founder of what movement?
Human relations movement.
What was Ghiselli and Brown (1955)responsble for?
Personnel and Industrial Psychology.
Engineering psychology is a fusion of what?
Experimental and Industrial Psychology.
Organizational behavior was a mix of what?
Industrial psychology, social psychology, and Sociology.
What's Classic theory thinking?
Emerged in the 20th century. Focused on structural relationships in organizations.
What's Neoclassic theory thinking?
Born in the 1950's, but finding goes back to the hawthorne studies. They argued for more humanistic work in which people derive a sense of value and meaning from their jobs.
What's System theory thinking?
View an organization as exiting in an interdependent relationship with it's environment.
What are the four basic components to any organization?
1.A system of differentiated activites.
3.Cooperation toward a goal
What are the four major structural principles of organizational theory?
1.Functional principle
2.Scaler Principle
3.Line/Staff Principle
4.Span-of-Control Principle.
Were any of the Classic organizational theorists Psychologist?
Systems theory asserts that an organizational system is composed of these five parts.
2.Formal organization
3.Small groups
4.Status and role
5.Physical setting
What is the armed services vocational apitude battery (ASVAB)?
A test developed in the 1980's by I/O psychologists for the selection and placement of military personnel.
In the 1980's Psychologists including I/O psycs changed to what thinking?
Cognitive factors that cause behavior.
I/O psychologist had to serve two ultimate authorities what are they?
1. To perform high quality work, sci research, or services to clients.
2. Goverment scrutiny and evaluations I/O psycs had to accept the consequences of being legally accountablefor their actions.
What's cross cultural psychology?
An area of research that's focus on people of other cultures and societies.
An organization is?
A group of people who perform tasks to produce goods or services.
In the authors opinion, there are major schools of thought on organization what are they?
Classic, Neoclassic, and System theories.
What did Renis Likert bring to I/O?
The attitude scale test.
Who is the big four?
Douglas Mcgregor
Chris Argyris
Fredrick Herzberg
Rensis Libert
Acording to Mcgregor and Herzberg-basic Y assumptions about people?
1.Work is natural as play
2.People are capable of self-direction and self control.
3.People can be responsible
4.People can creatively solve organizational problems.
5.The intellectual potential of most employees is only partly utilized.
What book did Mcgregor write for America business men but the Japanese companies used it first?
The human side of enterprise.
What was Chris Angyris normal trends in human development?
Passive= Active
Limted behavior= Sophisticated behavior
Limited time perspective=long term time
Subordinate= equal or better
Shallow interest= Deeper interest
What are the conqsequences of forcing child like behavior in the work enviroment?
2.Psychological defense mechanisms increase.
3.More Aggression
Fredrick Herzberg theories was based on case study. What was the source of bad feeling?
1.Company policy
2.Work conditions
3.Technical supervision
4.Relationship with supervision
What was Herzberg sources of good feelings?
2.Advancement it self