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The Science of individual behavior and mental process
Biologoical View
the psychology perspective that searches
for the causes of behavior in the functioning of genes the brain and nervous system and the endoine (hormone) system.
A historical school of pyschology that believed mental processes could best be understood adaptive pupose and function
The process of reporting on one's own inner conscious experience.
A historical school of psychology devoted to uncovering the basic structures that make up mind and thought
"psychodynamic view"
A viewpoint that emphasizes the understanding of mental disorders in terms of unconscious needs, desires, memories and conflicts
"Cognitive View"
The psychological perspective that empasizes mental processing and interation of experience
"Evolutionary View"
A relatively new perspective in psychology that views behavior and mental processes in terms of genetic adaptions for survival and reproduction
"Clinical Psychologist"
psychological practitioners who specialize in the treatment of mental disorders
* psychological practitioners help people deal with a variety of problems including: relationships, vocational choices.
a term referring to a complex blend of language, beliefs customs, values, and traditions developed b a group of people and shared with others in the same environment
"Behavioral View, Behaviorism"
A psychological perspective that finds the source of our actions in environmental stimuli, rather than in inner mental processes
"Industrial & Organizational Psychologist"
Applied psychologist who specialize in modifying th work environment to maximize productivity and morale they are often called I/O psychologist
"Engineering Psychologist"
Applied psychologist who specialize in making, objects and environments easier, more efficient, or more comfortable for people to use
School Psychologist
Applied psychologist with expertise in the problems of teaching and learning
"Rehabilitation Psychologist"
Applied psychologist who help people with physical and mental disorders adapt to the problems of everyday life
Physicians who specialize in the treatment of mental disorders.
Specialist (ususaly psychiatrist)who use Freudian methods of treating mental disorders.