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What is corrections
carries out sentence
Auburn system
crime prevention through brutal punishment and strict silence
houses and employs the poor or also known as dregs
Community service
public service
Corporal punishment
inflict bodily pain
day reporting center
non residential....offenders expected to report daily
determinate sentences
limited sentence, judicial discretion removed, sentence lenghts allowed
crimes commited are caused by culture and environment
punishment as a means to prevent future crimes
executive branch
enforces the laws
siezure of property and assests
free will
your own choice
Furman vs georgia
moratorium put on death sentence and happened in 1972
good time
early release by being good
house arrest
strict curfew and can only leave house at certain times
john augustus
known for startin probation
mandatory sentence
a sentence you have to serve
progressive era
education and vocation stressed, acceptance of probation and parole increased, positivist ideology of crime gained support
residential community corrections
short of incarceration....expected to live here full time or part time
restorative era
banned together to help alleviate crime in a neighbourhood
to get back at someone
ticket of leave
forerunner to the parole
impossible for offender to commit other crimes
indeterminate sentence
max sentence determined by legislature
lex talions
concept based on eye for an eye
mark system
earn points for good behaviour or loose points for bad behaviour
pre sentence report
helps judge decide what type of sentence to use
early release from prison but must report to officer from time to time while out
pennsylvania system
emphasized religion and penitence
study of corrections
plea bargaining
pleads guilty for a deal from prosecution
offender remains in community under supervision
code of hammurabi
first system to regulate behaviour and punish those who disobey
punishment for the sake of punishment
walnut street jail
united states first state prison
gregg vs georgia
court ruled that the deth penalty can be imposed without violating the 8th ammendent (1976)
sentencing reform act
(1984) wanted to achieve honesty uniformity and proportionality in sentences
technical violation
failure to adhere to conditions of probation
collective incapacitation
lenghty terms for all offenders no matter what there deemed
presumptive sentence
removes a degree of judicial discretion but still allows a range of sentence lenghts
justice model
offenders responsible for crimes and acted on freewill
correct deviant behaviour