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accountability policies/procedures
imnate movement-who, where
supervision-direct and indirect
work and treatment programs
components of mental healt
continum of care-various levels of profe. to diagnose med
imnate categories of SHU
admin. deten.
disiplinary seg
inmate protection, staff prot
awaiting transfer or disipinary hearing
cooper v pate
ended hands off doctorine
religious rights- clear and present danger std.
holt v sarver
reasonable sensitivity stand.
cruel and unusual punishment
wilson v seiter
deliberate indifference
gregg v georgia
death penalty 2 trials (BIFURICATED)
1 to convict 2 mitigating/aggrivating circumstances
solem v helm
test of proportionality-what other institutions are implementing
90% safety stand
65% of all institutions
sentencing and corrections based on
retrobution, deterence, determinate,incapacitation
reduce cost
user fees
reduce spending by consolidating services
bona fide occupational qualifications
slow growth rate
economy, natural decline, increased use of alternatives,
strip, pat,cell, area
accountability as inmates move
controlled movement, pass systems, call outs
causes of riots
environmental, precipitating event
ER response teans
hostage, disturbence, special
declined since 1995
pugh v locke
totality of conditions