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Types of love
1. love of beauty-
2. playful love
3. companionate love
4. obsessive love
5 realistic love
6. altruistic love
love of beauty
passionate and intense, attraction to physical beauty, eager for self-disclosure and sexual intimacy
playful love
like playing the game more then being in it, self-sufficient, undemanding, independent
companionate love
based in friendship and companionship, stable and predictable, not distressed by absences
obsessive love
passion of love of beauty with manipulation of playful love, lack of enthusiasm by one partner will cause pain, anxiety, or jealously, love is like a drug, limerance or controlled love/fake, causes pain if things aren’t always going on
realistic love
playful love and companionate love, compatibility is the basis, this have to always work out
altruistic love
most committed, never doing anything to jeopardize relationship, never jealous, everyone like this at some point
Love triangle
need commitment, intimacy, and passion
passion, high arousal
Empty love
commitment, long-term or beginning
Romantic love
intimacy, passion, physical attraction, sexual desire
Fatuous love
commitment, passion, love at first sight
Companionate love
commitment, intimacy, long term friendship, end of marriage, no physical attraction
Consummate love
commitment, intimacy, passion
liking based on mutual interacting
attraction resulting from positive reinforcement received from another, affection and respect
liking based on admiration for who they are as a person
emotional arousal either positive or negative, having some rational for labeling love, attachment, caring, intimacy
powerful desire in others presence
love as giving rather than needing
attachment and caring
Berscheid and Walster theory
passionate love if they are emotionally agitated and attribute it to passionate love
Friendship love
enjoyment, acceptance, trust, respect, mutual assistance, confiding, understanding, spontaneity,
friendship love plus, fascination, exclusiveness, sex, giving, advocate
Close/Intimate relationships Characteristics
1.spend time
2.mutually influence
3.positive feelings from relationship
4.know and understand each other
5.want the relationship to continue
Foundations of Intimacy
1.personality and early experienc
2.situational and development factorses
3.cultural guidelines
4.emotional arousal/labeling
7.commitment to a joint identity
Adult attachment styles love never fades
2.avoidant- don’t believe in love
3.anxious/ambivalent- easy to fall in love but go crazy over it
the way partners deal with critical and repeated acts of discourse that constitute their relationship